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10 February 2012 @ 06:44 pm

Title: A frozen heart and a cold skin
Author: re_nan
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Rating: PG-13
Character/Pairing: Isabelle/Simon, Simon/Maia, Meliorn, Clary, Jace, Alec, Magnus and OC.
Word count: 2,664
Disclamer: The Mortal Instruments belongs to Cassandra Clare. No infringments of right intended.
Summary: Right after the celebration (City of Glass), Isabelle ponders on her feelings about Simon.
Author's note Thanks for the amazing Beta x_erikah_x

A Frozen Heart And A Cold Skin

The mortal instruments

By Renan Vitor

The fireworks were such a huge thing. Everyone in Alicante was astonished and happy, especially Clary and Jace. Isabelle could see it, not only on the smile on their faces, but on their bright eyes, the lights coming from the sky exploding in their pupils. It was beautiful.

Isabelle felt something similar to jealousy, but it soon faded. She thought Clary was lucky to be loved with that intensity. Simon was right beside her and next to him was Maia. It was not that Isabelle disliked Maia, but she couldn't quite like her. She was too pretty. If they were friends, the guys would be as interested in Maia as they used to be in her.

Simon was really using the articulations of his neck. He turned right and left every time one of the girls said something. He was in the middle of two lions and he was the easy prey. Isabelle noticed that. The vampire's eyes focused in the firework, he couldn't choose one of the girls to stare in that silent moment, it would be like deciding between them.

Isabelle glanced at Alec. She thought about how happy he was. Magnus is the guy. She leaned and looked down. She saw Simon's sneakers and New York filled her mind, its lights, noises, the smell of fast food. Home. Simon was still looking at the sky. Isabelle felt a bit of rage swelling in her inner. Will he do something or not? She thought as she turned her look towards him in a hard gesture.

He looked back. Maia was entertained by the lights and didn't realize it, but Simon did look into Isabelle's eyes. She trembled. What is that all about? Was she in love? Was that just the vampire attraction? But the eyes were deep, dark and irresistible. She supported on the wall behind them and kept looking. Their eyes kept locked for several seconds and when she turned up to see the sky again, the lightning was almost over.

He turned back to Maia. She was still looking at the sky. She was far from Simon. Isabelle wondered if she was thinking about Simon. Probably yes . Isabelle closed her eyes for a few seconds trying to ban any thought about jealousy. I can't let it happen. He seemed to be confused. She couldn't stand a situation like that.

Clary looked at her. She waved, Isabelle did the same. She felt as Clary could read her mind, and actually, she almost did. She knew what Isabelle was into. Clary shrugged and Isabelle looked at Maia. She isn’t hot , she thought as she rested her back on the wall.

Isabelle felt tired. She didn't want to remain in that situation, so she decided to leave the two downworlders alone.

“Guys, I'm gonna get something to drink, I'll be right back,” she said.

Maia just nodded.

“I can get it for you, ” Simon replied.

“Don't worry,” Isabelle answered and left.

Of course she wasn’t really going to get a drink. She was going to find something called fun, something that she was not even close to have around Maia and Simon.

She headed towards Alec. Simon must have seen her talking to him, probably thinking she was asking her brother where she could find beverages, but she was really asking where the downworlders would celebrate in their way.

Alec asked Magnus about Izzy's question.

“There is and old lady who lives not far from here”. The Warlock smirked and continued. “A strange woman, I'd say. She likes the way downworlders make things. She is the best guess about who would allow them to do it”.

“What's her name?”. Isabelle stepped forward them as a skinny female fairy passed behind her.

“Laura Garonte”. Magnus blinked.

Isabelle looked at his spiky hair. Oh Alec, I would face the Clave for him. She couldn't control her thoughts. They were like falling stars crossing the huge universe of her mind. Simon was the biggest star ever. The brightest. But she was able to see the smaller ones too. Maybe she would make her wish. Simon. Simon. Simon.

Alec glanced at Simon.

“Simon seems to be a difficult guy, huh?”.Alec smirked.

Isabelle got surprised. Is he reading my mind?

“Stop Alec. She's not well.” Magnus saw something on Isabelle's feature.

“She have never cared about affairs that could'n work out, she's completely fine Magnus.” Alec replied. Isabelle thought how predictable she could be. Anyway she knew that Magnus was right.

Magnus frowned at Alec. Alec just shrugged.

Isabelle was a shadowhunter. She was supposed to stand every kind of torture. She would even sacrifice her heart to be strong and to deserve to be called Nephilim. Isn't love glorious enough to be among the things a warrior should have? Love. Question marks could draw Isabelle's mind.

“I'm perfect. I just want to dance. Can you please tell me why this is called a celebration?” she scratched her forearm and tried to fake a smile. “Downworlders do best.” She couldn't sound as herself.

Isabelle didn't take a long time to find an downworlder who was going to Laura's house too.


Isabelle got to Laura's house. It was not decorated, but all those different people made the place interesting. The old woman was seated beside the doorway and Isabelle glanced at her with a smile which Laura returned.

“Welcome my young.”

“I'm glad to meet you Mrs. Garonte, it's very nice from you to let them celebrate here.”

Isabelle pulled her skirt down, it was too short and the symbols of celebration in her legs were drawing attention.

“Oh my young lady, I'm old, but I know who knows how to cheer a party up”. The old lady smirked and looked at a tall figure who was coming into the house. Meliorn.

He didn't see Isabelle at the first. He surveyed the place first and then his eyes found her. He smiled and waved. Isabelle brooded about how perfect he was physically. She waved back and remembered about the promise she made herself to never chat with him again. Before the incident in the Seelie court, she couldn't get involved with him anymore. And anyway, she was thinking about Simon, on how he was stupid and how she wanted to have fun. Meliorn was the toy.

Laura turned to Isabelle. “That hot fairy is staring at you, but your eyes tell me you don't really care.”

Isabelle pushed her hair behind the ears and said. “I'm not sure if I should talk to him.”

She looked down and realized her feet were moving. Why am I nervous?

Laura stood up. Her face approached Isabelle’s, wrinkled skin touching perfect skin.

“Sweetheart, you’d better let your feelings show. Don't be rude, don't cut them down, let them grow and show them for those who need to see.” She lifted her hands. “I can see in your eyes you like someone, but your pride is killing it and hurting you. Don't be a shadowhunter twenty-four seven, you're allowed to love.”

Isabelle pushed away from Laura's hands. She thought she would never feel something like that. Was Laura right?

“Someone taught my brother that to love is to destroy and I don't want to be destroyed”. Isabelle closed her jacket. The night was cool, but the words were cold, making her hairs stand up.

“Do you really think this is true?”

Laura then turned to a short woman who came in, leaving Isabelle alone to ponder. For a moment she forgot about Simon, Meliorn, Laura… .

She almost flinched when she felt a hand touching her shoulder. The touch was firm and strong. It had a determination that made her think of Simon, except it was warm.

Meliorn then.

He turned her around and she stared angrily at him.

“How are you?” He slid his hand down her shoulder to her left hand and held it, smiling .


He stepped back and released her hand. She looked down.

“You know that was not my fault, right? Because if you don't, you should analyze your memories and make the conclusion.” Meliorn lifted her chin until her eyes met his. .

“Look Meliorn, I don't want to talk about it. I came here to have fun and that's exactly what I'll do.” She took his hand and pulled him towards the dining room or in that case, the dance floor. He smirked.

They danced for about thirty minutes before she asked for a break to drink something.

A blond female werewolf and a creepy guy were leaving the kitchen as they entered. Meliorn stopped his stride, realizing they were alone, then looked into her eyes, pulled her towards him, embracing her with his strong arms. Isabelle could not bring herself to desire him in that moment. She pushed away from him.

“I'm sorry, I just can't”. She shook her head.

Meliorn touched her hair. “I feel you're not well, if I can be useful for something, just ask”.


She caressed his nape and left the kitchen. When she went through the doorway she looked back and saw Laura who mouthed, “Why?”

Isabelle shrugged and decided to go to Penhallows' house.


Alicante was a completely different environment. Music, crashing noises and a lot of voices. The streets were more crowded than ever. All kinds of people from strange guys to fine girls could be found drinking and dancing on the corners. Isabelle headed north, taking one step at a time , head was tilted down.

Simon. He was the reason. She couldn't believe that she was feeling something so strong for him and that he was just confused or afraid. She could not accept the fact that she allowed herself to get involved with something so painful.

Simon's face came to her mind as a flash. First she saw the shy guy, weak, wearing his glasses and chasing Clary everywhere, then she saw the sexy vampire, the white skinned guy, a thought that made her desire to paint him, she would be his color and he wouldn’t be blank anymore.

She kept on her walking. She could hear her heels hitting the stones of the street. It was cold.

Isabelle stopped in front of the short gate. She wasn't really tired, but she wanted to rest for some reason. She rubbed her face.

The rusty noise of the old gate announced her arrival. She made way to the front door in silence. She paused when a shadow came towards her direction, her hand hovering above the doorknob . She turned around and punched air.

Nothing. Isabelle turned around, breathless. Another shadow on the corner of her right eye made her snap around. There was nothing. Something moved behind her. She snapped around and saw a figure taller than her. She made a fast move to run, but a hand pulled her back.

She turned to the person and sighed. The face was known.

Simon. He was there waiting for her. “What are you doing here?”. Isabelle rolled her eyes.

“You forgot where we were, so I came here to find you.” He had his eyes looking deep into hers.

She couldn't stand his stare. “Well, it was nice of you, but it's late, you probably are tired and-- ”

“Vampires don't sleep.” He laughed.

“I forgot that.” she said as she entered the house.

He followed her and closed the door behind her while she threw herself on the armchair in front of the fireplace.

“What's the matter with you Izzy?” Simon sounded worried and in his voice there was a hint of anger.

“Nothing considerable.”

“Are you mad? Have I done something wrong?” He kept on questions.

“You haven't done not even wrong things.” She regretted about the rude tone. “I guess this is the problem.”

“You want me to dry all your blood right now?” He briefly offered. She didn't answer. “Because I could do that. You want an action?” Silence. “I want it too. If you decided to be passive and wait me to rule our relationship why can't I do the same?” He emptied his lungs.

He was waiting for her as desperate as she was waiting him. Two passives and no action. Isabelle could feel a new time coming. Dynamism.

She realized why he was there, why he was not with Maia. Nothing could leave Isabelle's mouth. She was just staring at him, her eyes begging him to come closer.

Simon rested his hands on her lap.

The cold of his hands fast reached her thighs. She released a low moan, enjoying the sensation. Otherwise she avoided his eyes, but he was trying to reach hers. His eyes sought hers with starvation. It was similar to vampires in a hunt. No, not similar, it was exactly what was going on. He was hunting her sight, her attention, he wanted her to notice that there was a man looking at a woman.

Her previous relationships had been disarrays. Just it. She had never felt something close to that feeling. Isabelle realized she had been frozen, her heart had been frozen and she hadn’t let anything grow in there, anything that could hurt her.

Simon was the first person able to bury something inside that cold place that was Izzy's heart. Maybe because he could not feel the cold anymore. She felt the butterflies in her stomach again.

His eyes were drawing her and she could see her own image there. She was inside him, that's all she needed. Nothing else existed for Isabelle.

His hands were still resting in the same place, but hers now were covering his. She wanted to warm his hands, she rubbed his skin, but she didn't take her eyes off of him.

In a blink he was coming in her direction. He had his eyes closed and his mouth a bit opened, his lips had a chocking red . Different and lovely.

Inch by inch and her body was opening up for him. His cold breathy was moving her hair. A enjoyable air. She was hypnotized. His hand flew to her nape. He pulled her towards him.

The first touch was soft. The red lips were moist and comfortable. He deepened the kiss and she couldn't even think about stopping. She smelled something. Roses. The red lips weren't just a coincidence, his kiss really reminded her about red roses. Isabelle could feel her changing. New sensations and feelings.

The kiss was getting stronger. They were trying to show each other how they could own themselves.

They were exploring their mouths. It was like every mystery had to be known in that moment. He took her passionately. No one could ever think about Simon as a weak person. He was imposing and so was she. The kiss easily became like air for her. She wanted to welcome his tongue forever. A mix of feeling getting to reality through touches.

She thought about blood, but the thought faded away, roses were more romantic.

His hands still held her head after they broke away.

“I want you,” he whispered.

She took his hand and guided him to her room. On the way she remembered the day after Max's death. It had been good for her as much as it would be in that moment.

Isabelle lay in the bed and so did he. They turned to each other and just looked. Their hands were joined just as their eyes.

She studied him carefully, looking for a flaw.

His hand were cold, but she was not feeling just the temperature, she was feeling his presence and it heated her body. Her eyes were closing slowly, she was really tired. He pressed her hand a bit and she opened her eyes again.

“Good night, little seed,” she mouthed as she fell asleep.

When she woke up a few hours later he had left. She turned towards the pillow he had been using and a red rose laid there. She smelled it.


Erika: maturityx_erikah_x on February 11th, 2012 04:27 pm (UTC)
Very well done. xD
re_nan: Doctorre_nan on January 8th, 2013 07:10 pm (UTC)
Ladycapzlady on February 13th, 2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed it!
re_nan: Doctorre_nan on January 8th, 2013 07:10 pm (UTC)
So good to hear it!
eternal_moonieeternal_moonie on July 3rd, 2012 08:49 pm (UTC)
AWESOME story!!!
re_nan: Doctorre_nan on January 8th, 2013 07:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you!